"I really question the death penalty is worth having in terms of time and money. It has warped our court system. I think the time has come to decide whether it's worth the cost"

Burley Mitchell
former Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

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The voices of grassroots people will end the death penalty in New Jersey. NJADP invites local churches, city councils and other institutions and organizations to pass resolutions urging elected state officials to enact legislation that ends capital punishment in New Jersey. Feel free to use this sample resolution or write your own. For more information, including tips on getting a resolution passed, contact NJADP organizer Ed DiFiglia at edifiglia@njadp.org or 973-769-3323.


On this __ day of ____________, 2006, it is hereby resolved as follows:

As leaders of our religious and ethical communities in New Jersey, we share certain core beliefs in universal truths and historical commitment to social justice for all. We are united in our conviction that the death penalty is immoral in principle and unjust in application. It violates our belief in the intrinsic worth of all human beings and our potential for spiritual regeneration. Criminal justice procedures are inconsistent and weighted against the poor, the powerless, members of minority groups and persons with developmental disabilities. Errors can lead to the punishment and potential execution of the innocent. The death penalty is also costly and unproven as a deterrent. This organization therefore calls for an end to capital punishment and exploration of alternative methods to reduce problems of societal violence. We request the New Jersey State Legislature enact legislation that ends the death penalty.  We urge the Governor to declare an immediate halt to executions pending this legislative action.

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Celeste Fitzgerald, NJADP
22 Oliver Street
Chatham, NJ 07928

Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 11:44:58 (5000/1080)